Heated Blanket: Is it Worth it?

Camping in your backyard is a fun thing to do especially if you are a kind of person who loves to explore nature and wouldn’t mind getting their knees down and dirty. Being close to nature however comes with drawbacks such as getting bitten by disease-carrying mosquitoes or shivering because of the cold night. Modern times had invented heated blanket so that sleeping outdoors would not be as bad as it is for those who love nature but hates being subjected to mosquito bites and wants to avoid being cold.

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An electric heated blanket is a kind of fabric blanket that has the ability to create warmth when plugged in to a socket. Its first emergence was dated way back the early 1900s. It was an American physician named Sidney I. Russell who invented the electric blanket particularly in year 1912. The first models were placed under a mattress unlike the modern models that are placed above the top sheet.

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Features of the Best Heated Blanket

  • Thermostat Controls: These blankets have a control unit that can adjust the heat you want based on your preference. For larger blankets, they have 2 controls from each side of the bed. The controls are an added feature for the heated blanket because old electric blankets are prone to overheating since they do not have heat regulation.
  • Carbon Fiber Wires: Unlike the smaller heating pad, the blankets use carbon fiber wires, which are deemed safer and more efficient, using 24 volts of energy, unlike the older models that uses bulky wires and 110/240 voltages. Since carbon fiber wires are thinner, it is better sleeping in them since you can almost not feel the wires.
  • Automatic Switch Off: Some of the newer models of the electric blanket have timer programs that you can pre-set the time for an automatic switch off. This helps in preventing the blanket from overheating.


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Safety Concerns

For most of the heated blanket reviews, the concern is more of its safety when in use. Because there is heat, electricity and a flammable fabric material, there is a risk of fire. Approximately 5,000 fire incidents per year are recorded in UK that were caused by a faulty electric blanket. There is also a risk of skin being burnt especially to those who cannot feel pain or have no ability to react from it such as young children, geriatrics and diabetic patients.

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Because of the safety concerns brought by Fire Department Officials, newer models of electric blanket from year 2001 onwards have been subjected to intensive makeover to ensure safe usage. When you buy your own heated blanket, make sure you look for a safety standard mark on the product. If you want this kind of bedding instead of those trendy beach bedding, always buy them new and avoid hand me downs. Never trust an electric blanket with scorch marks on the wirings, discoloration or some exposed wires. Keep in mind that after using this type of blanket let it cool first before folding it and never use the blanket if it wet or damp. With these in mind, you can surely relax in the warmth of the heated blanket.